Spin trimming of plastic bottles

MAER is specialized in machinery for cutting the dome of plastic blow moulded bottles. Maer patented spin trimming technology is conceived to be integrated in an blow moulding and in any bottling lin

Aseptic Systems & O.E.M. bottle trim solutions

Bottle Trimmers for Aseptic Filling: Maer rotary neck trimmers can be integrated in milk and liquid yogurt filling lines for a safe, hygienic, ultraclean and aseptic bottling process. M

NTN TRIMMER-COMBINER, a post blow-molding mono-block solution for trimming and handling neck-to-neck drinkable yoghurt bottles:

“Single-serve” drinkable probiotic yoghurt is currently one of the greatest growth products in the dairy product segment. This format comes in small size bottles (from 80 ml to 200 ml), manufactured mainly in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with