Trimming and leak testing of HDPE bottles

Trimming and leak testing of HDPE bottles

Maer introduces trimming and leak testing line for dairy bottles in Tunisia.

Our customer, Sté E.M.P. (Société Emballage Metallique  et Plastique), a manufacturer of plastic containers, entrusts Maer the trimming and leak testing of HDPE drinking yogurt bottles of a recognized dairy brand in the country.

The line, which comprises a 6 station rotary trimmer of the SB3 range and a linear tester 40LS8E in block, is capable of processing 270 ml HDPE bottles at speeds between 4,000 and 6,000 containers per hour.

The containers are delivered to the trimmer-leak tester from the adjacent blow molding room.

Being thermo-sealed containers, the cutting accuracy and leak testing requirements are maximum to provide a high quality container. For this, E.M.P. entrusted Maer the design and delivery of such line to guarantee a finished bottle according to the high quality standards of the dairy brand. We thank our customer E.M.P. for his confidence and level of trust.